Thorsten Zöller

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This is a non-exhaustive list of people who inspire me in various ways, in no particular order.

Leo Babauta

Famous for his blog zen habits. I have deep respect for his story and like the way his writings changed over time from being very productivity focused to focusing on the question of what is truly important—​the very essence of minimalism. Has another blog mnmlist specifically on minimalism.

The Minimalists

The essays of Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus were one of my first encounters with minimalism and strongly influenced my journey into it. They continue to inspire me.

Colin Wright

Together with The Minimalists, one of my early encounters with minimalism. There are many great articles on his blog Exile Lifestyle.

Paul Jarvis

He mostly writes about his life at the border of art and commerce, but has written articles on many interesting topics. I particularly like his credo to run his business without any intention to grow it—​or on the contrary to keep it small on purpose. Has authored the great book Everything I Know, as well as the nice little vegan cookbook Eating Awesome (he is a vegan). Looking forward to his new book Company of One. Shares his articles in his weekly newsletter Sunday Dispatches.

Derek Sivers

I just love everything Derek Sivers writes, with respect to both content and style. Has written the great book Anything You Want about the lessons he learned as an entrepreneur. Looking forward to his new books Hell Yeah or No and How to Live. Every one of his articles is a small gem. Has a beautiful minimalist website.

Mark Manson

Writes often rather provocative articles containing a lot of practical advice. Has written the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck containing much that could also be found in a book on Stoicism, but expressed in a very special way.


Minimalist. His book Superhuman by Habit offers a lot of advice building habits; it inspired me to start drinking green tea on a regular basis (and loving it).

Cal Newport

Author of the important book Digital Minimalism.

Brad Warner

Punk rock musician and Zen monk. Writes often rather provocative articles about Zen on his blog Hardcore Zen.

John Baez

Mathematical physicist. I am not aware of anyone who is working in a field which matches my scientific interests closer than him. There is a wealth of great articles on concepts from mathematical physics on his site. Even after having left academia quite some time ago, I can still get completely lost in his articles. Has a beautiful clean writing style (not that common in science).

David Madore

I think it has been almost 20 years since I first stumbled on his website. I was always extremely impressed by the diverse things he is doing and writing about; there is so much to find on his site if you are interested in mathematics and programming. I have stopped reading his blog a long time ago since he mostly writes in his mother tongue French these days, but I continue to deeply admire much of what he shares on his website.