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OpenBSD Resources

A collection of resources for the OpenBSD operating system that I find helpful in one way or another.


The official OpenBSD website. | The OpenBSD package collection

Directory of packages available for OpenBSD.

OpenBSD Journal

Contains lot of useful information related to OpenBSD.

OpenBSD : why and how

Why you should (or shouldn’t) install OpenBSD in the first place.

Run OpenBSD…​

Roman Zolotarev’s website provides a ton of helpful information with respect to OpenBSD.

OpenBSD on a Laptop

Describes setting up OpenBSD on a laptop.

That grumpy BSD guy: OpenBSD and the modern laptop

Another description of setting up OpenBSD on a laptop.

OpenBSD – Astro-GR

I found the articles on cwm and what to do after installing OpenBSD particularly interesting.

Interesting articles: Why I Run OpenBSD and Tab completion in OpenBSD’s ksh, which I found very helpful for, well, facilitating tab completion in ksh.

Running OpenBSD 6.4 on your laptop is really hard (not)

Instructions for installing and setting up OpenBSD.

OpenBSD Desktop

Instructions for installing and setting up OpenBSD.

Why OpenBSD rocks

To quote the site: “A list of all the great things that OpenBSD has.”

Awesome OpenBSD

Itself a (rather extensive) list of resources for OpenBSD.

OpenBSD Workstation Guide

Notes about what seems to be an ideal OpenBSD workstation for hackers, according to its author.

OpenBSD Workstation

Instructions for setting up OpenBSD.

Challenge accepted: OpenBSD on a laptop

Article on experimenting with installing OpenBSD on a laptop.

How I fell in love with OpenBSD

About the benefits of OpenBSD.

OpenBSD from a veteran Linux user perspective

Article about OpenBSD from the perspective of someone coming from Linux.

BSD vs Linux

Article on the differences between BSD and Linux.

OpenBSD Handbook

Handbook for installing and administrating OpenBSD.

OpenBSD Jumpstart

According to the website’s description: “OpenBSD Jumpstart is a short and exhaustive presentation for new OpenBSD users. All is there to be able to start quickly.”

doas mastery

Lots of useful information about doas from its developer.