Thorsten Zöller

Hey there!

I’m Thorsten Zöller—​minimalist, Ashtangi, vegetarian.

Here is what you will find on this site:


Some more information about me and this site.


Writings on various topics.

Lists & Collections

Structured data on various topics. They tend to be work in progress and get updated more or less regularly.

Finds & Thoughts

Various things I’m stumbling over or that come to my mind.


What I’m doing now.


How to contact me.

And here is what you will not find on this site: Fancy graphics, widgets, and other unnecessary stuff—​this site is intended to be plain and simple. This is a web page.

This site does not serve any specific purpose other than to share some thoughts or findings I think are interesting. Actually, one of my main motivations was to create something beautiful (no need to agree on that).